Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MLK and the Dream of Economic Justice for All

Great op-ed in Monday's Los Angeles Daily News by Al Sheahen, a long-time advocate for the guaranteed annual income:

Sheahen writes:

"In his 1967 book, "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" the Rev. King wrote, "I am now convinced that the simplest solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income. A host of positive psychological changes inevitably will result from wide-spread economic security."

The concept of a guaranteed income is not discussed much anymore, especially in light of our current financial crisis. But it remains, as the late economist Milton Friedman always maintained, the most practical and sensible way to end poverty in America and provide economic security to all Americans.

President Obama is on the right track with his economic stimulus plan. Give the money directly to the people, not just to the big banks and corporations.

But don't stop there. Keep the stimulus coming. Every year."

Great op-ed. Yes, while one of MLK's dreams came true yesterday, his dream of economic justice is still years away. Obama can help get us closer by keeping the stimulus coming, every year. A permanent stimulus fund that goes directly to the people would provide income security for all and the realization of King's economic dream.

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